They’re an enhanced book format that combines an eBook and audiobook in one. You can read, listen and skip forward or backward and the high quality audio will always sync and highlight with the text: word for word.
This is the first time that an eBook and an audiobook have been combined in this way and no other software allows you this new way to enjoy books.
Our first collection, Classics of English Literature, is now available and growing all the time. 
DigiSync Books are currently available for all iOS devices, and will be downloadable for all Android devices very soon. 

How DigiSync Books work

Each DigiSync Book contains two books in one: the text version and a matching audio version. This unique app technology means that the text is always highlighted in perfect sync with the audio.

Girl with headphones

Many with ebook on phone

How to use DigiSync Books

DigiSync Books are simple to read and listen to. Once you’ve downloaded your book you can:

  • Read it just as an eBook
  • Listen to it just as an audiobook
  • Read and listen to it at the same time

You can pause the audio at anytime, skip forward and backward through the text, then start listening again and the audio will always sync perfectly – no matter where you are in the book.