Why publish your titles as DigiSync Books?
  • Broadens market for front and backlists and audio titles.
  • Increases reader choice of how and where to engage with books.
  • Potential to attract new readers from education and business sectors.

Unique technology

  • Word-for-word synchronisation between audio and text.

  • Economic production costs for large and small-scale runs.

Flexible business model

  • Supply us with audio and text files, and fund production of the DigiSync Book.
  • Licence the audio and text to DigiSync Books Ltd to produce the DigiSync Book.

How are DigiSync Books made?

  • Unique software enables cost-effective synchronisation of audio and text files.
  • Almost any audio material with reasonable sound quality can be used.
  • Most text and illustrations in Word, .rtf and InDesign files can be used. Audio can be used in MP3 and .WAV formats.
  • Runs on any platform that can handle ePub3.
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