DigiSync Books combine audio and text in a brand new format. They can be… 
  • Read as an eBook 
  • Listened to as an audiobook 
  • Read and listened to at the same time (the text highlights in sync with the audio) 
… on any iOS or Android device, anywhere, at any time. 


Appeal to library members

  • A fun and flexible way of reading. 
  • A learning tool for students of literature and language. 
  • Easy access and download from anywhere in the world. 
  • Value for money (US$0.99 per book). 


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Good for libraries and librarians: 

  • Simple lending model. 
  • Free of charge to libraries – no setup cost. 
  • Flexible loan times. 
  • No restriction on number of copies. 
  • No expiry date on books. 
  • Regular reports and information sharing. 

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How to use DigiSync Books 

  1. Library members can access DigiSync Books either via your library website or our website. We can tailor our catalogue to match your library’s branding. 
  2.  Library members simply enter their library name and their membership number then select books from our catalogue to download.

There will be a download fee of US $0.99 for a loan period specified by the library (a minimum of 3 months to a maximum of 12 months). Libraries will decide whether the download fee is paid by the library or the member downloading.

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For more information on DigiSync Books, please see our FAQS.