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DigiSync Books launches a new way to read

There are eBooks and there are audiobooks. Both represent exciting developments in reading over the past few years but, until now, you could either read a book or you could listen to one – you couldn’t do both at the same time.

We felt that book lovers were missing out by this. So we decided to do something about it by launching DigiSync Books. They’re a new digital format that combines an eBook and audiobook in one and can be read on a smartphone, tablet or computer. You can read, listen and skip forward or backward and the audio will always sync and highlight with the text – word-for-word.

They’re perfect for reading at school, listening to while you’re at the gym or for catching up with your favourite characters at bedtime. You can listen, or you can read, or you can do both: it’s reading reinvented.

This is the first time that an eBook and an audiobook have been combined in this way and no other software allows you this new way to enjoy books.

We’re really pleased to launch our site and share DigiSync Books with the world, so take a look at our books, download your favourites and then tell us where you like to read (and listen) to your books.