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DigiSync Books Ltd is an international team of publishing, media and education experts dedicated to the launch and distribution of this new and unique digital format.

Our vision is for DigiSync Books to revolutionise reading – being able to listen and read at the same time and on the move offers a new way to enjoy and engage with books. Synchronising audio and text is also of great benefit to students of literature and language around the world, from school students taking exams to business professionals mastering new languages.

DSB Team North America

Dan Witters – CEO. Dan has been a lawyer specialising in international media and digital licensing law. He has an MA (Hons.) in English Literature, a BA in Classical Literature and is focussed on making the best literature from all languages available affordably on a worldwide basis in multiple languages. Very difficult person to argue with. Dan is based in New York.

Graeme Lindsay – COO. Graeme has more than 30 years of experience in building and managing international marketing companies and financing their growth. Graeme is a past Fulbright awardee with a lifelong involvement in all aspects of rugby except the backline. He’s a toughie. Graeme is based in Connecticut.

Nancy Hart – Head of Accounting & Administration. Nancy has an extensive background in accounting and operations in a range of businesses. This includes many years in international logistics and banking. And we thought Graeme was tough. Nancy is based in Connecticut.

Sam Witters – EVP. Sam is a senior media executive whose roles include: VP Content Sales & Acquisition for Viacom; Head of Sales for MTV International; Head of Biz Dev for Oscar-winning studio Aardman Animations; advisor to UK kids’ indies; digital consultant for Reed Midem’s Entertainment division and former SVP for Nat Geo TV distribution. Nice girl. Sam is based in New York.

Jeff Schon – Advisor. Jeff has been CEO of a number of US publishing and media companies, including Grolier Interactive and Living Books. He is the developer of the Emmy award-winning ‘Peep and the Big Wide World’ and is a member of the Producers Guild of America New Media Council. He also serves as Chair of the Board of Trustees of St. Stephen’s School in Rome, Italy. Highly regarded and well-connected, we like him. Jeff is based in New York.


Christina Bunce – Head of DSB UK. Christina has years of experience in digital media production, both as a university academic and within the commercial sector. She is known for developing technology-enhanced learning experiences for learners of all ages and stages. Christina oversees business development for DSB UK and heads up the liaison with DSB’s UK education and publishing partners, as well as the development of DSB’s UK schools education market. As if Christina doesn’t have enough to do, she is a founding director of PWA (Professional Writing Academy). She is a force of nature. Christina is based in Cornwall.

Susannah Marriot – Director of Editorial & UK Publishing. Susannah has worked as an editor, commissioning editor and ghostwriter for UK and US publishers, and was managing editor at Dorling Kindersley. She is the author of 25 books, translated into 17 languages. As a senior lecturer in writing at Falmouth University, she specialised in online learning. She is also a founding director of PWA. She is far too talented and puts us all to shame. Susannah is based in Cornwall.

Sarah Farley – DSB Webmistress & Content Manager, Social Media. Sarah has an MA in Professional Writing and is a respected communicator and copywriter of blogs, websites, reports and content for social-media communities. She sits on the board of writers’ organisation 26. Her first writing job was at the age of 12, when she was asked to pen a love letter for a friend. Sarah is based in London.

DSB Team New Zealand

Arthur Rendle – Head of DSB New Zealand. Arthur has headed up operations and business affairs for a number of property development and exporting businesses in New Zealand and Australia. We really all work for Arthur. Arthur is based in Auckland.

Bryan Staff – Head of Editorial. Bryan, a broadcaster and journalist, has an extensive background in audio and digital production and heads up the DSB editorial team. Nothing, but nothing, gets past him. Has an encyclopedic knowledge of music. Bryan is based in Auckland.

David Kite – Head of Production & IT. David is a co-founding member of award-winning digital software company KIWA Digital, and heads up the Production & IT teams for DSB. Simply a genius. David is based in Auckland.

Rees Morley – Head of Brand & Design. Rees, through his company Morley Design Group, is responsible for all DSB’s brand design and creative direction for product development. We thank our lucky stars he deigned to work for us. Rees is based in Gisborne and works extensively throughout the Asia Pacific region and Europe.